Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Small Victories

I MADE IT! You probably had no idea that I was trying to cut out soda for the month of January, but I was. January has come and gone now and I can officially say that I succeeded.

It was NOT easy at first. The first week was pretty much hell if you want to know the truth. I had bad caffeine headaches, cravings for Sonic's Cherry Coke (with actual cherries!) like you would not believe, and my surliness may have shown a bit.

I'm SO happy I did it. The decision was a spur of the moment one and it made it easier to go along with when a friend said he was going soda-free for January. I figured I had quit once before, why not try again?

Now it's February 1st and after doing the math at one soda a day (approximately 180 cals) for 31 days, I have saved myself from around 5,580 unnecessary calories and my skin looks better. I'm taking it a step further and am going to try for a second month.

Happy February everyone!


  1. Yeeeeah! This is amazing! I have never liked sodas that much, but I do loooove coffee. Luckily it doesn't have many calories and zero sugar, so I guess that's better. Right? Haha. Anyway, congrats! Big accomplishment!

  2. GREAT WORK! I definitely notice the difference when I don't drink soda. I break out pretty much the next day if I have one.

  3. Great job! I know how super hard it is to cut soda, but it gets easier :) I'm going to try to join you this month.