Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five (7)

1. I think I'm bowing out of NaNoWriMo. Why? Well I'm super behind but that's not the entire reason. On the way to YallFest, I tried writing and realized that I was not ready at all for it. I still love my idea but there are so many tiny (and some big) things I haven't quite figured out yet so I will turn the rest of November into figuring out those thing. Most of those things are pretty important to the story and in the long run, it's just the best thing for me to do.

2. We didn't get the house. In my opinion, and quite frankly I'm not the only one who feels this way, something shady went on with the sale. I don't really want to go into it here but it all came down to the selling agent. After our agent did some research on him, turns out other people won't work with him anymore. We're back to searching and found a few contenders yesterday and I'm hoping to go back to see them tomorrow with my husband. If you have any house hunting juju, I sure could use some!

3. I had to work the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere last night. My shift was from  8-Close and this meant me not getting home until almost 1:30. The bad part? I have to open this morning and should be getting ready instead of doing this. It was semi-packed. We had 6 of our 14 auditoriums showing it and a total of 1,208 people last night. Considering the number of people, I think it turned out good. I will say that there was a meth mouth customer who did NOT understand the concept of a personal space bubble.

4. My mom's cat may have cancer. She told me yesterday that the vet told her red and white blood cell counts are way down and she's lost five pounds this year. She's on some medicine to see if it will help because he couldn't feel a tumor or anything. If the meds don't work, he'll do an ultrasound in two weeks. He ran a few tests and everything but that came back normal, so here's to hoping she'll be ok.

5. I signed up for GISHWHES and I'm looking forward to the weird I'm in for. Misha Collins is the mastermind behind it and after last year's scavenger hunt, there's no telling what we'll have to do. It should be fun though!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and check back because I'll be updating about YallFest AND doing another giveaway!

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  1. *sends good house hunting juju and well-wishes for kitty*