Friday, April 27, 2012


I know many of you are far removed from what happened on April 27th, 2011 but even so, we shouldn't forget. All day yesterday and since the second I woke up this morning, the outbreak of tornadoes has been on my mind along with everyone who lost a home, their business, and even worse, a loved one.

I'll never forget my vacation because while I had a great time seeing old friends and finally meeting friends I've known online for years, it was also the vacation that was plagued with worry about my friends and family. My husband and I were glued to the news, Facebook, Twitter, and the live streaming coming from my local ABC affiliate app.

Luckily, everyone we loved was safe but things would never be the same again in the state of Alabama. I did my part to help those that lost everything and along with my new friend, Courtney, we got All 4 Alabama off the ground and running. For two girls that are relatively unknown in the grand scheme of things, we were able to raise over $8,000 through our auctions and I know I've said it before but I think it needs repeating: We couldn't have done it without any of you and I am so thankful for every single person who donated their time, items, and money and for every single bidder. You were all amazing.

Now a year has gone by and the state once again is faced with the events of that day. Everywhere you look there's some sort of reminder and not far behind that is a feeling of hope. We still have a long way to go before things are anywhere near normal, but with the help from strangers and our neighbors, we WILL get there. It still kills me each and every time I drive past an area that was hit because there's still so much destruction. Homes and businesses are finally getting a chance to rebuild but there are others that have just been left behind.

In closing, be thankful for everything and everyone you have right now. It could be so much worse. Don't forget about us down here in the South, we may be strong but that doesn't mean we couldn't use the support.

Also, please check out Bo Bikes Bama. Bo Jackson will finish his 300 mile bike ride tomorrow in Tuscaloosa to help raise money for the Governor's Emergency Relief Fund.

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