Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vloggity Vlog

Last week my lovely friend Tameka challenged some girls in my online book club to answer fifteen questions in vlog format. I originally wasn't going to post this but I figured this would be a good way for all of you to get to know me better.

I've also posted the questions below in case you want to do this as well.

Without further ado, I bring you ME.

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast && belt out when you're alone?
#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
#8. What was your first stuffed animal && it's name?
#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
#10. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?

1 comment:

  1. Love it. I also say awesome a lot when I get excited about something.

    Your bear is adorable!