Thursday, October 14, 2010

Veronica Mars

A few weeks ago my cousin and my mom came over to watch The Vampire Diaries and have dinner. While we were waiting on VD (no, not to see if anyone had spontaneously contracted the disease), my cousin told me that I should watch Veronica Mars because he thought I would really like it.

This came after I made him sit down and watch Supernatural (which was a success!) and when I told him I had added Veronica Mars to my Netflix queue a few months ago, we decided to watch the first episode. Oh, streaming for the Wii how I'm glad you came into my life.

I enjoyed it after watching an episode but it wasn't until last week that I really started watching it. I always heard about what a good show it was and always intended to watch it and I even tried watching an episode while it was still airing but I figured I would just wait and watch the dvds. Why did I wait so long?!

You should know that I have a job that is in its slow season right now, therefore I only work weekends; yesterday and today were spent with me sitting in front of my tv getting sucked into Veronica's world. I kid you not. I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was turn on my Wii and tv. I stayed up til the wee hours this morning and am doing it again tonight. I think it's safe to say I've become obsessed and I'm sad to know my journey is almost over. I don't understand why this show was canceled.

I absolutely love the stories and the characters, especially Logan. I didn't understand his appeal until approximately 24 hours ago, and it wasn't only due to his actions but because of his line, "dream on Jumpstreet." Logan, you can be SUCH a douche but you are so damn complex and interesting. I find it very hard not to love this character.

Now that I've got that out, back to Veronica Mars!

ETA: I'm back to watching and I just had to add that this show officially has my heart after referring to Ghost World. If you know me, one of my screen names is a combination of things that happened in the movie.


  1. I LOVE Veronica Mars. Glad you're getting into it :)